About Us - A little History

When we began working with Ottawa real estate agents, we realized that there was a significant demand for a new kind of internet promotion tool geared specifically towards interactive, visual presentation for properties on the local market.

Soon it became clear that few of the existing systems that claim to satisfy this need actually did their job. Numerous problems always cropped up: even commercially available software had bizzare glitches and crashed or would require the user to download obscure plugins. Cheap one-shot cameras would only generate bland and blurry images with very disorienting "fish-eye" distortion.

And so we set out to create a better, more customizable, more effective solution.

We don't cut any corners with our work, and that's the real secret behind the service, delivering a Virtual Tour that will "Wow" your clients. Many clients have even gone so far as to say their home "now looks much better than it really is", but this is not quite true: we just bring out what's already in the picture!

Our unique panorama viewer requires no extra plugins. It's extremely small, fast and simple - but despite these characteristics it's a true presentation workhorse. This custom-made viewer always has zero distortion, will not crash your client's computer, and works smoothly in modern Internet browsers. We built Photohug around the philosophy that simplicity and elegance are the basic ingredients of lasting success in design.

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